Carol Bacchi is Professor Emerita of Politics in the Faculty of Arts, University of Adelaide. She researches and writes primarily in feminist political theory and policy theory. Her major publications include:

Same difference: Feminism and sexual difference (Sydney, Allen & Unwin, 1990), The Politics of Affirmative Action: “Women”, Equality and Category Politics (London, Sage, 1996), Women, Policy and Politics: The construction of policy problems (London, Sage, 1999), Fear of Food: A Diary of Mothering (Sydney, Spinifex Press, 2003), Analysing Policy: What’s the problem represented to be? (Frenchs Forest, Pearson Education, 2009), Mainstreaming Politics: Gendering practices and feminist theory (with Joan Eveline; Adelaide, University of Adelaide Press, 2010) and Poststructural Policy Analysis: A Guide to Practice (with Susan Goodwin; New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).


Bacchi is best known for her approach to policy analysis called “What’s the Problem Represented to be?” or the WPR approach. This analytic strategy highlights how policies represent the “problems” they purport to address and how governing takes place through these problematizations (see Introducing WPR).